New Member Letter from the PPWG President

Welcome to PPWG May 2020


2020 has had a bit of a rocky start for the world, the country, and the golf league.

We usually have a membership meeting a few weeks before our first league day to welcome new members and answer questions about the club, tee sheets, plays of the day, after play (social) and the end of year tournaments. We brag about our philanthropy and get feedback from members. We get to meet you and make sure you have someone to golf with for the first play date or two.


Our social committee plans our membership meetings. Nancy Dapron and Judy Sarver had a terrific event planned at World of Golf for earlier in April. These are informational meetings that include, golf games, good food, and much socializing. We will try to schedule a membership meeting as soon as we are allowed to gather. You can see more of the group all at once and we can help you identify all of our super volunteers.

Tee sheets are done in conjunction with the many different courses. Maggie Gallandt has done our tee sheets through google on-line the past couple of years and she has it down to a fine art. Karen Crouse and Chris Dellacroce have volunteered to take over tee sheets this season. Look for emails from these ladies. The tee sheets are usually worked two weeks at a time. For example, this week after golf we would be able to sign up for May 5th at Kissing Camels and May 12th at Eisenhower Golf Course. Unfortunately, at this time, Kissing Camels has said they are only open to members and Eisenhower has said they are only open to military members. We will not have sign-ups until we get a commitment from these courses that we can play. Our course schedulers will try to find an alternative when possible.

Our play of the day committee is led by Connie Arbuckle and she usually lets everyone know what is relevant for each play date. For example, do we need to count putts? do we count trips into the sand traps? Many of the plays are handicapped. This year, due to COVID-19 all cards will need to be scanned and emailed to the play of the day committee. (

Our after-play committee usually plans a clubhouse or restaurant where we all meet for beverages and camaraderie. Right now, the courses are asking that we leave their premises as soon as we are done playing golf and asking that no socializing take place even in the parking lot. This is the time when you get to know most of the group. More conversation happens at after-play then on the course. We will start scheduling this social period as soon as restaurants open up and we are allowed to gather.

We have an end of year tournament scheduled for the first three weeks in September. You can play any or all of the playdates and your best score on any day will count as your tournament score. This tournament is run by the league vice-president, Cheryl Kuzemka.

We also have a philanthropy committee. In year’s past, we have given $1000 scholarships. Last year, we donated $500 to First Tee and $500 to partners in housing. If you have a worthy cause you would like the committee to consider, please bring it to the attention of Monica Kjosen and Amy Derrickson.

LuAnn Maddy has been a trouper with publications and sending emails to everyone in our ever-changing environment. If we fail to answer any of your questions, keep asking. We want everyone to feel informed.

Heidi McClure and Tracey Blair are our handicap committee. They are responsible for activating everyone’s GHIN and helping you understand the intricacies of your golf handicap.

Caroline Easton and Jeanette Petricko are the membership committee. They take the applications and disburse the information to only those who need it. This includes the military bases who do security checks on all those who they allow on- base to golf.

We also have a committee that is planning a fall getaway. Barbara Shoptaugh, Barb Bachmann and Cheryl Ramey are planning a trip for 3 or 4 days of golf in September. If you are interested in the details, you will want to contact one of them.

Elizabeth Carter scheduled all of our courses in January and February. Gail Estes has stepped up to help her contact courses and communicate with them about their openings, tee times, and all the changes that have been wrought by the circumstances. Elizabeth also handles all the details on the website.

As you can tell, it takes a village.

It was suggested to me that maybe we should wait until June to start our league this year. It may come to that if most of these courses can not accommodate us in May. We will do our best to get you out on the golf course every Tuesday afternoon that we are able.

Please feel free to let us know how we can help you. We are so glad to have you in our league.


Diane Littleton,President PPWG


Membership Requirements

  1. You must post at least ten 9-hole rounds or five 18-hole rounds to compete in the club championship.
  2. PPWG asks you to:
    1. Volunteer to serve on a committee
    2. Obey the PPWG by-laws and policies
    3. Pay dues and assessments promptly
    4. Attend three meetings – Kickoff in April, Awards in October and Christmas in January
    5. To maintain our excellent rapport with the courses, please be responsible for arriving at the course prior to your assigned tee time or cancelling your tee time directly with the course.

Membership Fees

Yearly Membership:  $85.00 – Please make checks payable to PPWG
(Full refunds will be given to members up to two weeks prior to submittal of handicap fees to CWGA, after that time, no refunds will be made.)

Hole-in-One Game: 
As a member, you will be entered into a game where a pot of money is collected at the start of every season.  If you are lucky (skilled) enough to get a hole in one during a Tuesday play, you will be eligible to take home the entire pot.  If there is more than one player, then the pot is split between the players.

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